Chair of Biochemistry (IOC) and Department of Molecular Biophysics (IBG-2)

Gruppenseminar des Arbeitskreises BioNMR

Sommersemester 2010



Plan of talks



19.09-26.09 Group meeting in Cagliari


09.09   Boris Martinac (Sydney, Australia) Note: at university Thursday 16.00!

                “Structure and function of bacterial mechanosensitive channels”


*24.08 Petri Kursula (Hamburg) Note: At IBG-2, 10.00

                “Structural studies on membrane-associated proteins of the myelin sheath”


17.08   Ana Garcia

                “Regulation of apoptosis by Bcl-2 proteins. A single molecule approach”


03.08   K. V. Ramanathan (Bangalore)

                “A tale of two techniques: cross-polarisation and magic angle spinning applied to oriented partially ordered systems”


27.07   Conference reports

                Sergii Afonin, Claudia Muhle

                (World Wide Magnetic Resonance 2010 (joint EUROMAR 2010 and 17th ISMAR Conference, Florence, July 2010)


20.07   Eva Stockwald (Vertieferstudentin)

                “Klonierung und Aufreinigung verschiedener CPP-Cre-Fusionsproteine”


05./06.7.  Vortragsveranstaltung

                im Rahmen des Berufungsverfahrens zur Besetzung der W3 Professur “Chemische Biologie“


15.06   Silke Hoffmann

                “New insights into the structure of the transmembrane domain of the PDGFß-receptor”


                Katja Koch prel (Ph D defence talk)

                “Strukturuntersuchungen antimikrobieller Peptide an biologischen und artifiziellen Membranen”


25.05   Gustavo Fuertes (Valencia)

                “Baxa5 at lipid membranes: Structure, assembly and pore formation”


            Katrin Liffers ? (Vertiefungspraktikantin)

                “Title to be announced”


18.05   Ronald Lochte

                “NMR relaxation measurements on PGLa”


11.05   Olga Nolandt

                “Introduction to atomic force microscopy (AFM) on lipid bilayers and membrane proteins”


03.05   Gottfried Otting (Australian National University, Canberra)

            Note: Monday 11:00 (After Institute Meeting)

                “Lanthanide labeling for structural biology by NMR spectroscopy”


04.05   V. Anbazhagan (Univ Mainz)

                “Following transmembrane helix-helix interactions”


20.04   Mareike Hartmann

                “Damage of the bacterial cell-envelope by the antimicrobial peptides Gramicidin S and PGLa as revealed by TEM and SEM”



(* = seminar at IBG-2, FZK, otherwise university)