Chair of Biochemistry (IOC) and Department of Molecular Biophysics (IBG-2)

Gruppenseminar des Arbeitskreises BioNMR

Wintersemester 2011/12

 Plan of talks



10.04   Marina Nagler (Master student)

(Master student)

            “Structure-activity relationship of temporins”

            Jonas van den Berg (Master student)

             “Ornithine-modifications in cationic antimicrobial peptides”





03.04   Sabine Reisser

            “Introduction to MD simulations of antimicrobial peptides in membranes with NMR"



27.03* Katharina Becker (Vertieferin)

            “Expression von 13C- und 15N-markiertem E5_1-34 und PDGFR-ß und erste


             Followed by Institutsversammlung 10.30



20.03   Marco Klein (Ph D defense practice)

             "Membraninteraktionen der Tat-abhängigen Translokase aus B. subtilis”



14.02   Benjamin Zimpfer (diploma work presentation)

             "Strukturuntersuchungen am TisB mittels Zirkulardichroismus- und 19F-Festkörper-NMR-




07.02   Eva Stockwald (diploma work presentation)

             “Untersuchung der Homooligomerisierung des Membranproteins Tat Ad aus B. Subtilis“



31.01   Erik Strandberg

              ”A new definition of rho in the group of Anne Ulrich”



17.01   Conference reports:

               Stephan Grage

               "European Biophysics Congress, Budapest, Hungary, August 2011"

               Vladimir Kubyshki

               "Structure, function, folding and assembly of membrane proteins - Insight from

               Biophysics, Tata, Hungary, August 201"



13.12* Clemens Heske (KIT, ISS)

                “How soft x-rays can help to understand the electronic structure of molecules, liquids,

                and solutions”




06.12   Nico Heidenreich

                “Antimicrobial peptides coupled to gold nanoparticles retain biological activity and

                show enhanced trypsin stability”



29.11   Conference reports

                Sergii Afonin

                "4th BioNanoSpec, Cluj-Napoca, Roumania, September 2011"


                "17th International Biophysics Congress (IUPAB) & 12th National Biophysics

                Congress, Beijing, China, October-November 2011"



22.11   Tamta Turdzeladze

                “Facebook for Scientists”


            11.00 Information and discussion about “3D-cave”





08.11   Conference reports:

            Jochen Bürck

                (CD2011, 13th International Conference on Chiroptical Spectroscopy (formerly 

                known as the International Conference on Circular Dichroism), Oxford, UK, July 2011)

            Nico Heidenreich

                (Environmental Nanotechnology Conference, Waterville Valley, NH, USA, May - June,



                2nd German French Workshop on NanoScience, Landau, August - September 2011)



25.10   Conference reports:

            Erik Strandberg

                (Euromar, European Magnetic Resonance Conference, Frankfurt am Main,

                August 2011)

            Dirk Windisch

                (HGF-symposium Structural Biology, Hamburg, September 2011)



18.10   Raffaele Ciriello (Vertieferstudent)

                “19F-NMR Structural Analysis Of Antimicrobial Peptide BP100 In Oriented Lipid Bilayers”


            Jonas van den Berg (Vertieferstudent)

                “Strukturanalyse von BP100 und seiner CF3-Bpg Analoga mittels CD- und OCD-




            Lab safety and security information

                (Sicherheitsbelehrungen für das Chemie- und Genlabor)

                - Tamta Turdzeladze: allgemeine Laborsicherheit

                - Dirk Windisch: Genlabor S1

                - Marina Berditsch: Genlabor R2



08.09   Boris Martinac (Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute, Sydney)

            Note: Thursday, 13:00, at university

                “In search of novel antibiotics by targeting bacterial mechanosensitive channels




06.09* Marina Nagler (Vertiefer student)

                “Optimierung des antimikrobiellen Peptids Temporin SHf




            Ratan Kumar Rai ( Lucknow, India)

                “Measurement of 15N-13C heteronuclear dipolar couplings for high resolution solid state

                NMR spectroscopy of aligned proteins”