Chair of Biochemistry (IOC) and Department of Molecular Biophysics (IBG-2)

Gruppenseminar des Arbeitskreises BioNMR

Wintersemester 2012/2013



09.04       Julia Misiewicz; Conference Report
(Antimicrobial Peptide Gordon Research Conference, Ventura, CA, USA, February-March 2013)


 04.04      Xiaojun Xu (Master work presentation) Note: Thursday, 10.00, uni
Evaluation of the dimerization of the antimicrobial peptide PGLa using solid-state 19F-NMR


26.03       Matthias Müller (Freiburg)
“Title to be announced”


25.03*     Sicherheitsbelehrung IBG-2
Note: Monday 10.00, Seminar room IBG-2


12.03*     Benjamin Zimpfer
"Structural and functional studies of the biofilm inducing peptide TisB”


12.02       Anne Ulrich
“Twin-arginine translocation: TatC acting as a proton-driven flippase on TatA"


05.02       Oleg Babii             
“Photocontrol of biological activity of peptidomimetics based on Gramicidin S”


12.12       Sezgin Kara
"Investigations on phytanoyl lipids and their interaction with the antimicrobial peptide PGLa".

27.11*     Vladimir (Ph D defense talk practice)
“Fluoro-substituted prolines as structural labels for solid state 19F-NMR of polypeptides”


20.11       Philipp Mühlhäuser (Master work presentation)
“Title to be announced"


13.11       Sarah Flade (Vertiefer student)
“Title to be announced”


                Nadja Guschtschin (Vertiefer student)
“Expression und Aufreinigung von TatA-Cystein-Mutanten und Etablierung eines
Labellingprotokolls für ESR-Messungen”


30.10*     Conference reports:
                Sebastian Prock and Dirk Windisch
(Biophysical Society 56th Annual Meeting, San Diego, California, USA, February 2012)


23.10       Andrea Rütschle (ZIEL, TU München)
“Cereulide export in B. cereus”


16.10       Conference reports:
Stephan Grage

Euromar, European Magnetic Resonance Conference,Dublin, Ireland,July, 2012)

                Erik Strandberg
(25th International Conference on Magnetic Resonance in Biological Systems, Lyon, 
France, August 2012


25.9.        Johannes Reichert
"Characterization of peptide induced membrane damage by different fluorimetric


18.9.        Elena Löhr (Vertiefer student)
"Das Verhalten des Peptids [KIGAKI]3 in Erythrozyten-Membranen"

                Stephan Grage
(Title to be announced)


 11.09      Frauke Assmus (Basel)    Note: University, 11.00
“Lipid membrane binding assay – A new HT assay to determine the non-specific
binding of potential PET tracers”