Chair of Biochemistry (IOC) and Department of Molecular Biophysics (IBG-2)

Gruppenseminar des Arbeitskreises BioNMR

Sommersemester 2013


27.08* Eva-Maria Weiss
“Gewinnung der Gramicidin S-Granula”


23.07    Stephan Nussberger  (Stuttgart)
“New aspects of BAX activation in apoptosis”


06.06    John Robinson (Zürich)
(Note: Thursday 17.30 at Karlsruher Chemische Gesellschaft in Criegee-Hörsaal)
“Protein epitope mimetics in drug and vaccine design”


28.05    Jonathan Zerweck
Conference Report (11th German Peptide Symposium, München, March 2013)


21.05    Erik Strandberg
Conference Report (Biophysical Society 57th Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, USA, February 2013)


14.05     Günter Haufe (Münster) (Note: At OC-Kolloquium 17:30 in Criegee-Hörsaal)
“Selektive Fluorierungen als Schlüssel zur Synthese fluorierter biorelevante Verbindungen”


30.04*   Ariadna Grau-Campistany (Barcelona)
“New designed antimicrobial Polymyxin B analogs has a broader spectrum of activity
and are effective against resistant bacteria”


23.04     Sabine Reisser
“Hydrophobic moments - analysing the surface polarity of amphiphilic peptides”


16.04     Andrea Rinaldi (Cagliari)
“Finding the unexpected: immunomodulatory peptides from amphibian skin”