Chair of Biochemistry (IOC) and Department of Molecular Biophysics (IBG-2)

Gruppenseminar des Arbeitskreises BioNMR

Winter Semester 2013/2014


Plan of talks


04.03 Shakeel Ahmad Shahid (Berlin)
“Solid-state NMR structure of a membrane proteins: Towards solving the mystery of
autotransport in pathogenic bacteria”


25.02* Rebecca Rothenberg (Vertieferstudent)
“Inhibition of peptide aggregation during SPPS”

Sezgin Kara
“Peptaibols as membrane-active antibiotics: structure-function analysis of
harzianin HK VI and alamethicin”


18.02 Sebastian Bechara (Vertieferstudent)
“Rekombinante Expression des Transmembransegments de T-Zell Receptors alpha”

Papia Sanyal
“Promotion, inhibition and killing of biofilms, the triathlon of AMPs” 


11.02 Benjamin Zimpfer
“Structural and functional studies on TisB”


21.01* Oleg Babii (Conferenced talk practice)
“Switching the antimicrobial activity of gramicidin S by light” 


07.01.2014 Megha Agrawal
" Structural analysis of mycobacterial Mammalian cell Entry proteins in membrane "

 01.04 Christina Gottselig (Ph D Defence talk practice)
“Struktur- und Funktionsuntersuchungen der Tat-abhängigen Translokase
aus Bacillus subtilis”


17.12 Conference report:
Marco Klein

(10th Australian Peptide Conference, Penang, Malaysia, September 2013)

Ariadna Grau-Campistany
“Length dependent activity of KIAGKIA peptides” 



10.12 Minisymposium on dermcidin

         10:30 Introduction

         10:35 Birgit Schittek (Tübingen)
“Dermcidin – an update on expression and functional activities”

         11:05 Claudia Steinem (Göttingen)
“Antimicrobial peptides: Dermcidin and assay development”

         11:35 Sebastian Prock (KIT)
“Large-scale recombinant expression and purification of human dermcidin”

         11:50 Philipp Mühlhäuser (KIT)
“Structural and functional studies on dermcidin-derived peptides”

         12:20 Ningning Gao (KIT)
”Dermcidin introduced into tobacco BY-2 cells”




05.12 Lars Wegner (KIT) Note: 9.15 in room 413, building 421, CN
“Die Wirkung gepulster, elektrischer Felder auf DC3-F Zellen:
Membranleitfähigkeit während und nach der Elektroimpulsbehandlung”




26.11 Conference report:
Marco Klein
(10th Australian Peptide Conference, Penang, Malaysia, September 2013)

Sebastian Prock (Ph D defense talk practice)
“Elektrostatische Charge Zipper in membranständigen Proteinen”




19.11    Normand Voyer (Quebec)
16.45 PROTEO network presentation, in Biochemistry seminar room

17.30 in Criegee-Hörsaal; IOC colloquium,
“Development of peptide nanostructures for sensing and therapeutic applications”




12.11    Marina Berditsch
“Assessment of bacterial respiration to study AMPs activity” 



05.11   Conference report: Sergii Afonin
European Biophysics Congress, EBSA2013, Lisbon, Portugal, July 2013



22.10* Conference report: Stephan Grage
(ENC, Asilomar, USA, April 2013)



* = seminar at IBG-2, CN, otherwise IOC Geb. 30.42, CS