Chair of Biochemistry (IOC) and Department of Molecular Biophysics (IBG-2)

Group seminars of the Ulrich group

Summer term 2015

30.06.  Papia Sanyal (PhD defense rehearsal)
            "Die Wirkung membranaktiver Peptide auf Biofilminduzierung und Biofilmeliminierung"

            (seminar at Campus North)


16.06.  Anika Hespelt (Diploma project presentation)
            "Darstellung und Charakterisierung des bakteriellen Toxins BsrG"


            Colin Ziegler (PhD defense rehearsal)
            "Wechselwirkung der Transmembrandomäne des PDGF-Rezeptors β mit dem Onkoprotein E5"


02.06.  Janina Tolks (Vertiefer project presentation)
            "Synthesis of fluorophore modified E5 and PDGFβ receptor peptides for the structure
            determination via FRET"


01.06.  BIFTM seminar at 9:15 in Mittlerer Hörsaal, FTU, Campus North:

            Anne Ulrich
            "Structure-function analysis of membrane proteins"


            Colin Ziegler
            "Activation of the PDGF-receptor by the E5-oncoprotein via transmembrane helix-helix interactions"


            Eva Stockwald
            "Structure and functional mechanism of the twin-arginine translocase"


26.05.  Benjamin Zimpfer (PhD defense rehearsal)
            "Struktur– und Funktionsanalyse des membranaktiven bakterientoxischen Peptids TisB aus Escherichia coli"

            (seminar at Campus North)


12.05.  Marie Meyer (Vertiefer project presentation)
            "Synthesis of ß-monofluoroalkenes that can be used as peptide analogues
            for solid-state 19F-NMR experiments"


            Dmytro Radchenko (Karlsruhe/Kyiv)
            "Cyclobutane based amino acids as 19F-NMR labels for structural studies in peptides"


05.05.  Carolin Pyka (Vertiefer project presentation)
            "Application of cyclic cystein-knot frameworks in drug design -
            cytoplasmic transduction properties of the MCoTI-II scaffold"


            Samantha Wörner (Vertiefer project presentation)
            "Spectroscopic studies of the ion channel p7 from the hepatitis C virus (HCV)"


            Linda Antusch (Vertiefer project presentation)
            "Contribution to evaluate the role of hydroxyproline on the structure of PeIVA"


            (seminar at Campus North)



14.04.  Dirk Windisch, Stephan Grage, Xiaojun Xu, Katharina Becker (Karlsruhe)
            "Recent progress on E5 and PDGFR"