Chair of Biochemistry (IOC) and Department of Molecular Biophysics (IBG-2)

Group seminars of the Ulrich group

Winter term 2015/2016

15.03.  Themis Lazaridis (City College of New York)
            Modeling protein-membrane interactions and pore formation
            (note: seminar starts at 11:00)

01.03.  Janina Tolks (Master thesis presentation)
            Investigation of the role of glutamine in the stucture and function of the
            membrane-active peptide TisB

16.02.  Igor Komarov (Kyiv)
            Natural proteins endued with ’unnatural’ structure and functions

            Volodymyr Lysenko (INSA Lyon)
            IVth group nanomaterials for theranostic applications

09.02.  Erik Strandberg (conference talk rehearsal)
            Mismatch dependent tilt of amphipathic α-helical antimicrobial peptides
            inserted into positive spontaneous curvature lipid membranes

12.01.  Sergii Afonin
            Conference report:
            7th International Peptide Symposium (Singapore)

            Marina Berditsch
            Conference report:
            Microbiology conference

15.12.  Stephan Grage
            Conference reports:
            56th Experimental NMR Conference 2015 (Asilomar, CA) and
            3rd International Conference on Circular Proteins (Moreton Island, Australia)

            Erik Strandberg
            Conference reports:
            12th German Peptide Symposium (Darmstadt) and
            10th European Biophysics Congress (Dresden)

08.12.  Zekun Zhou (Vertiefer project presentation)
            "Optimierung eines in-vitro Tat-abhängigen Translokationsassays basierend auf TatAdCd aus B. subtilis"

10.11.  Hanna Wiedenlübbert (Vertiefer project presentation)
            "Untersuchung der Stabilität antimikrobieller Peptide in der Magensäure und im Blutserum"

03.11.  Katharina Becker
            "BsrG - the newcomer to our group"

27.10.  Hector Zamora Carreras (Madrid)
            "Understanding the chameleonic behaviour of peptides derived from the"
            choline-binding domain of pneumococcal autolysin LytA”

            Stephan Grage
            "The interaction of cyclic peptides with membranes:"
            playing with molecular rigidity to explore and modulate structure and function"

            (seminar at Campus North)