Chair of Biochemistry (IOC) and Department of Molecular Biophysics (IBG-2)

Group seminars of the Ulrich group

Summer term 2016

05.07.  Alexander Nestorov-Müller (KIT, IMT)
            Roboter für die kombinatorische Synthese im Arrayformat

21.06.  Jennifer Dommermuth (Vertiefer student)
            Herstellung und Charakterisierung von Gramicidin S Hydrogelen,
            sowie Fermentation von Gramicidin S

            Xiaojun Xu (PhD talk rehearsal)
            Protein-protein interactions in oligomers studied by solid-state NMR in biomembranes

07.06.  Bernard Costello (Applied Photophysics)
            Pushing the boundaries of research: exploring the capabilities and
            evolution of quantitative circular dichroism with Applied Photophysics
            (seminar at IBG2, Campus North)

31.05.  Ferdinand le Noble (KIT)
            Neurovascular crosstalk

            Laetitia Preau and Alina Klems (KIT)
            Fishing for small open reading frame (sORF) encoded micro peptide functions
            in the neuronal system

24.05.  Carolin Pyka (Master thesis presentation)
            Investigation of the oligomeric state of the bacterial toxin BsrG
            (seminar at IBG2, Campus North)

10.05.  Aastha Jain
            Cell penetrating peptides:
            Mechanism of uptake and applications in human theragnostics
            (seminar at IBG2, Campus North)

26.04.  Marina Berditsch (Conference talk rehearsal)
            Gramicidin S might be a panacea to combat infected wounds
            (Talk at the 26th conference of European Wound Management Association, EWMA 2016)

            Gudrun Thoulass (Bachelor thesis presentation)
            Untersuchung der Wechselwirkung zwischen dem
            Membranprotein TatA und dem Tat-abhängigen Signalpeptid