Chair of Biochemistry (IOC) and Department of Molecular Biophysics (IBG-2)

Group seminar of the Ulrich group

Winter term 2016/2017

07.02.  Jennifer Dommermuth (Master student)
            Derivatives of sunflower Trypsin Inhibitor 1

            Christian Diel (Vertiefer-Student)
            Synthesis of a fluorine-labeled dipeptide isoster

            Tim Schober (Master student)
            Cyclic cell-penetrating peptides with photoswitchable conformation

31.01.  Jan Hischmann (Vertiefer-Student)
            Rekombinante Darstellung und 15N-Markierung des Pinholins der Phage 21

            Lena Steger
            Conference report (1st Zing Conference on Protein Sectretion in Bacteria)
            Impact of Ben Berk's recent results on our postulated Tat dependent translocation mechanism

24.01.  Ayyalasamy Ramamoorthy (University of Michigan, Ann Arbour, USA)
            Probing dynamic membrane-associated protein-protein interactions

17.01.  Luisa De Cola (Strasbourg)
            Dynamic, responsive materials for biomedical applications

            Marina Berditsch
            Fluorescence microscopy of S. aureus DSM 1104 treated with CF-labeled antimicrobial peptides

10.01.  Annika Kohlmeyer (Vertiefer-Student)
            Wechselwirkung von Squalamin mit Lipidmembranen und Membran-aktiven Peptiden

            Sebastian Otteni (Vertiefer-Student)
            Herstellung von Mutanten von PDGFRα für Interaktionsstudien mit E5

            (Campus North)

12.12.  Jakob Ulmschneider (Shanghai)
            How membrane active peptides partition into bilayers
            and spontaneously assemble into functional membrane proteins
            (Campus South, at 16:00)

15.11.  Haroldo (University of São Paulo, Brazil)
            Biophysical characterization of KLx β-sheet model peptides
            (Campus North, at 15:00)

08.11.  Nicole Jung (KIT, IOC)
            The Compound Platform