Chair of Biochemistry (IOC) and Department of Molecular Biophysics (IBG-2)

Group seminars of the Ulrich group

Summer term 2017

25.07.  Katharina Becker
            Characterizsation of BsrG – a small type I toxin from B. subtilis

18.07.  Oleg Babii
            Hit-to-Lead optimization of the photocontrollable anticancer decapeptide

27.06.  Agnes Csiszar (Jülich)
            Fusogenic liposomes: a new strategy for breaking the cellular membrane barriers

20.06.  Beibei Meng (Vertiefer-Studentin)
            The interaction of squalamine with lipid membranes studied with solid-state 31P- and 2H-NMR

06.06.  Hanna Zhdanova (PhD student)
           Conformationally restricted amino acids for the NMR-analysis of membrane-active peptides

30.05.  Nadja Guschtschin (Diplom-Studentin)
            Inhibition of peptide aggregation and influence on lipid membranes by squalamine

23.05.  Fabian Schweigert (Master Student)
            Self-assembly and membrane damage of amphiphilic β-stranded KL peptides

16.05.  Hanna Widdenlubbert (Master Student)
            Membrane translocation of short peptide fragments from human sweat

25.04.  Philipp Paul (Vertiefer Student)
            Role of tryptophan residues on structure and membrane alignment of the bacterial toxin TisB

            Daniel Tarras (Vertiefer Student)
            Synthese von caged-Mutanten des antimikrobiellen Peptids KIGAKI