Chair of Biochemistry (IOC) and Department of Molecular Biophysics (IBG-2)

Group seminar of the Ulrich group

Summer term 2018

16.07.  Ulla Gerling-Driessen (Stanford University)
            NGLY1 Deficiency: Huge Potential of a Rare Disease
            (Monday at 15:00)

26.06.  Boris Martinac (Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute, Sydney)
            Are proteins or lipids the targets of anesthetic action of Xenon?

19.06.  Regine Tobias (KIT Bibliothek)
            Zweitveröffentlichung von Volltexten im Repository KITopen

            Marcel Huhn (Bachelor student)
            Photoswitchable derivatives of a trypsin-inhibiting peptide (SFTI-1)

05.06.  Yandan Zhao (Vertiefer student)
            Synthesis of photoswitchable side-chain ‘stapled’ helical peptides

22.05.  Volodymyr Kubyshkin (TU Berlin)
            What can proline tell us about molecular evolution of the extant amino acid repertoire?
            (OC Colloquium, Criegee Lecture Hall, 17:30)

15.05.  Violetta Schneider (IPC)
            MD simulations of biomolecular systems

23.04.  Beibei Meng (Master student)
            Interaction of squalamine with lipid membranes and peptide self-assembly

            Marin Kempfer (Vertiefer student)
            Optimization of capillary blood collection for telomere length determination
            by terminal restriction fragment analysis