Dr. Kersten Rabe - Molecular Evolution and Biocatalysis

Kersten works as a group leader as part of the Niemeyer Lab in the Institute for biological Interfaces 1 (IBG-1) in Karlsruhe focusing on biocatalysis and evolution.

In this context, various technologies and methods from the fields of microbiology, biochemistry, bioinformatics and microfluidics are used.

Evolution can act as a guiding principle and is applied to proteins (directed evolution) as well as to microorganisms (adaptive laboratory evolution). Furthermore rational protein engineering is employed to improve proteins.

Kersten also coordinates the BMBF funded cooperation project MicroMatrix and is co-chair of the focus field "Self-assembled, adaptive and biomimetic materials systems" in the KIT Center MaTeLiS.

Reflecting his broad research interests, he is a member of the GBM, VAAM, DECHEMA and ACS and has been involved in various outreach activities for example as part of exhibitions at the ZKM in Karlsruhe (Retooling Evolution: Nature at Work, 2015 and The Beauty of Early Life. Spuren frühen Lebens, 2022).

You can reach Kersten via email: kersten.rabe∂kit.edu and find him on Linkedin and Twitter (@RabeKersten).

Dr. Kersten Rabe Maximilian Grösche
Dr. Kersten Rabe


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Publication statistics according to ISI Web of KnowledgeSM [search: Author = (Rabe Kersten S), all databases]: h-index: 21 with more than 1400 citations (as of 07/2023)


Selected publications corresponding author

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