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PSS PoroCheck

PSS Data Software for the analysis of porous materials by chromatographic porosimetry

Mass Spectrometer
Mass Spectrometer

Advion expression-L Compact Mass Spectrometer with m/z 2000 mass range.

Single quadrupole analyzer with liquid introduction interface.

Carousel 12 Plus™
Carousel 12 Plus

Analytical and Specialized Equipment

Analytical Equipment

THF-GPC with RI- and UV-detector

Aqueous GPC with RI- and UV-detector

(Columns: Suprema and Novema MAX)

Advion - Mass Spectrometer



Specialized Equipment


Carousel 12 PlusTM

PSS PoroCheck

Multi-source Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) setup

Electrohydrodynamic Cojetting (EHD) Station