Chair of Biochemistry (IOC) and Department of Molecular Biophysics (IBG-2)

Group seminars of the Ulrich group

Our weekly group seminar takes place on Tuesday at 10:00 in the seminar room of the group at Campus South in the Institute of Organic Chemistry on the 5th floor, or at Campus North in the Institute of Biological Interfaces IBG-2.

Due to the current contact restrictions, all seminars are online seminars until further notice.

22.04. Fabian Hoffmann (Vertiefer student)
           Patch-clamp investigation of the activity of ASIC1 ion channels reconstituted into liposomes

27.04. Alexander Nesterov-Müller (IMT)
           AI-based screening for target protein binders

12.05. Lennart Hilpert (ZOO)
Information processing and 3D organization in the cell nucleus

19.05. Prof. Dr. Andrea Robitzki (Head of Division I)
           The visit at IBG of Prof. Robitzki has been postponed

26.05. Parvesh Wadhwani

02.06. Sergii Afonin
Current views on the cell death process

08.06. Hans Wochian
           HHO – Energieversorgung und Krankheitsbekämpfung aus einer Quelle
           Note: seminar on Monday at 14:00

09.06. Prof. Dr. Andrea Robitzki (Head of Division I)
           The visit at IOC of Prof. Robitzki has been postponed

30.06. Erik Strandberg
           Membrane orientation of BP100 studied with oriented circular dichroism
           and solid-state NMR

01.07. Stephan Grage
Membrane mediated activity of local anesthetics
           (Note: seminar on Wednesday at 14:00)

07.07. Fabian Schweigardt (PhD defense talk rehearsal)
           [KL]n Peptide – Optimierung von β-Faltblatt-Modellpeptiden zur Generierung neuer
           antimikrobieller Peptide mit therapeutischem Potenzial

21.07. Theodore Lorig (Vertiefer student)
           Synthesis of photoswitchable cell-penetrating peptides