Past group seminars of the Ulrich group

Winter term 2023/2024

07.11.   Ranja Al-Khalaf (Bachelor student)
               Higher membrane activity of helical amphipathic peptides
               by increasing hydrophobicity

30.01.   Christoph Götz (IOC)
               Sicherheitsunterweisungen IOC

06.02.   Moritz Enghofer (Vertiefer student)
               Production of PDGFRα mutants for interaction studies with E5

13.02.   Daniel Gauder
               Adaptiver in-line Qualitätsregelkreis in der Mikroverzahnungsfertigung

Summer term 2023

19.06.   Serhii Koniev
               Diarylethene-based photoswitchable peptides for inhibiting
               autophagy in a spatio-temporally resolved manner

             Andrii Hrebonkin

26.09.   Susanna Makarski (Vertiefer-Studentin)
               Peptide behavior on curved and charged surfaces

              Mert Hamballar (Master-Student)
               Untersuchung der Wirkung von Lokalanästhetika auf
               biologische Modelmembranen mittels NMR-Analytik


Winter term 2022/2023

18.10.   Lakshmi Punampalam (PhD defense rehearsal)
               Examination of molecular hydrogen (H2) treatment and electromagnetic field (EMF)
               radiation effects on the growth of animals (zebrafish embryos) and plants (Chlorella vulgaris)

25.10.  Patrick Metz (Vertiefer Student)
              Untersuchung von [KL]7 Peptiden mithilfe des Förster-Resonanzenergietransfereffekts
              und Circulardichroismus

08.11.  Deepak Kumar (PhD student, IPC)
              Computational studies of transmembrane proteins

23.11.  Julia Fix (Master student)
              Improvement of the recombinant expression of pinholin in E. coli

29.11.  Alexander Staub (PhD defense rehearsal)
              Festkörper-NMR-Analytik an biologischen Membranen

17.01.  Michel Gramberg (Master student)
               Rebalanced KIA21: Influence of the balance between charge and hydrophobicity
               on the structure and membranolytic activity of the antimicrobial peptide KIA21

06.02.  Workshop on β-sheet peptides
              Bradley Nilsson (University of Rochester, New York)
              Correlating theory and experiment to understand interactions of amphipathic peptides with membranes

              Cristiano L. Dias (New Jersey Institute of Technology)
              Using all-atom simulations to provide insights into membrane damage by amphipathic peptides
              Erik Strandberg (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)
              Structure-activity studies of β-stranded KL peptides in membranes

              please note: the workshop is online at 15:00

14.02.  Parvesh Wadhwani
              Latarcins: antimicrobial and cell-penetrating peptides from spider venom

28.03.  Fernando Arteaga (Hokkaido University, Sapporo, Japan)
              Dynamic heterocyclic ligands for catalysis and materials


Summer term 2022

05.04.  Julia Mildner (Bachelor-Studentin)
               Synergie zwischen dem antimikrobiellen Peptid PGLa und Magainin 2 Mutanten

12.04.  Patrick Anders (PhD defense rehearsal)
              Einfluss variierender Aminosäuremuster auf die membranolytische Aktivität
              des α-helikalen MSI-103

03.05.  Michel Gramberg (Vertiefer-Student)
              Comparison of the use of the polymers dextran and ficoll in leakage assays for
              antimicrobial peptide pore size investigation

07.06.  Dennis Winkler (PhD student)
              You shall not flip!  - a strategy for the biosynthetic production of the
              lethal phage protein pinholin S2168

14.06.  Rui Kang (INT, KIT) (online only)
              Pt(II) complexes-based assays for small biomolecules detections in aqueous media

27.06.  Amrutha Prabodh (INT, KIT) (online only)
              Supramolecular optical chemosensors and assays for sensing of
              bioactive analytes in water and biofluids

28.06.  Andrii Hebronkin (IOC, KIT) (online only, at 5pm)
              Photoswitchable Gymnopeptide A

05.07.  Marcel Huhn (online only)
              Membrane-mediated activity of local anesthetics: a biophysical view


Winter term 2021/2022

26.10.  Kyongok KangTheo Lorig (IBI-4, FZJ, Jülich)
               Characterization of field-induced dynamical states and equilibrium
               phases of charged DNA-viruses: in-situ electric field small angle
               dynamic light scattering and image-time correlation.

09.11.  Yijue Zhu (Vertiefer-Studentin)
Structure analysis of SARS-CoV-2 accessory proteins ORF6 and ORF7b

16.11.  Manuel Etzkorn (IBI-7, FZJ, Jülich)
               NMR and membrane proteins

23.11.  Marcel Utz  (University of Southampton, UK)
               Microfluidic NMR for live systems

30.11.  Alexander Staub (PhD defense talk rehearsal)

07.12.  Marcel Huhn (Master student)
               Functional evaluation of mambalgin-derived ASIC1a inhibitors

11.01.  Linxiayu Ji (Bachelor student)
               Liposomal formulation of gramicidin S for in vivo drug delivery

24.01.  Zekun Zhou (IMT)
               Entwicklung einer Mikrofluidik-basierten Eine-Kavität-ein-Peptid-Methode

01.02.  Workshop on membrane-mediated activities in neuro- and psychopharmacology (14:30-16:00)

             Benjamin Drukarch (University Medical Centers Amsterdam)
             Bridging the explanatory gap in Neuro- and Psychopharmacology:
             Reformulating the concept of (molecular) mechanism.

             Stephan Grage (KIT)
             Membrane-mediated activity of local anesthetics


09.02.  Reinhard Fischer and Maria Mirza (IAB, KIT)
              On the role of signaling molecules and peptides
              in the interaction of fungi with nematodes


Summer term 2021

27.04.  Theo Lorig (Master student)
               Evaluation of a spiropyran derived photoswitchable amino acid
               in the amphipathic peptide BP100

04.05.  Annika Nutz (Vertiefer-Studentin)
             talk postponed

11.05.  Dilara Faderl (Master student)
NMR investigation of water at biological interfaces

18.05.  Frauke Greil
              Could microwave irradiation cause misfolding of peptides?

25.05.  Anthony Watts (Oxford University)
              The importance of water in membrane receptor function
              please note: talk starts at 11:00

01.06.  Natasha Dmitrieva (IBI-1, FZ Jülich)
              Exploring the transport cycle of a VGLUT bacterial homolog Dgot

08.06.  Mini-symposium: Cryo-EM on membrane peptides and proteins

10:00    AK Sachse (Ernst-Ruska Centre, FZJ, Jülich)

             Carsten Sachse
             Overview of cryo-EM and membrane biology at the Ernst-Ruska Centre

             Daniel Mann
             Single-particle cryo-EM of small proteins

             Benedikt Junglas
             Membrane remodeling by the PspA/IM30 protein family
10:30    AK Ulrich
             Identification of peptide and protein systems for cryo-EM studies
             Torsten Walther
              Pinholin, TatA, E5/PDGFR
             Erik Strandberg
             KIA, PGLa/MAG2

             Parvesh Wadhwani

11:00    Questions and discussions

11:15    Discussions about possible collaboration projects

15.06.    Helena Matt (Bachelor student)
                Cellular uptake of peptides consisting of alternately
                polar and non-polar amino acidsinto HeLa cells

06.07.    Li Tian (PhD defense talk rehearsal)
                Self assembly of transmembrane peptides studied by solid-state NMR

13.07.    Beibei Meng (PhD defense talk rehearsal)
                Development of hydrophilic highly fluorinated labels with in vivo stability for 19F-MRI

20.07    Franco Weth (ZOO, KIT)
Mechanisms of Brain wiring using Eph receptor tyrosine kinases and
                G-protein coupled olfactory receptors as guidance antennas

27.07.   Nils Lakomek (IBI-7, FZJ, Jülich)
                NMR studies on the neuronal SNARE proteins


Winter term 2020/2021

03.11. Leska Kirchberg (Bachelor student)
            The liver and gallbladder flush

            Anna Rösch (Bachelor student)
            Expression und Strukturuntersuchung der Transmembrandomäne von PDGFRα

10.11. Marcel Huhn (Vertiefer-Student)
             Photocontrolable inhibitors of serine proteases involved in the immune system regulation

24.11. Tim Schober (PhD defense rehearsal)
             Diarylethen-Photoschalter in zyklischen Peptidomimetika für Therapie und Bildgebung

01.12. Institute meeting with safety instructions

08.12. Fabian Hoffmann (Master student)
             Evaluation of mambalgin-derived peptides as modulators of acid-sensing ion channels

            Stephan Grage
             Probing and manipulating the lateral pressure profile in lipid bilayers using membrane-active peptides

26.01. Carlo Walz (Master student, Heidelberg)
             Synthesis and characterization of novel fluorescent substrates for a NAD+–biosensor

02.02.  Sebastian Otteni (PhD defense rehearsal)
              Helix-Helix-Wechselwirkungen in Tyrosinkinaserezeptoren

09.02.  Mei-Lin Feng (Chengdu University, China)
Electrochemical anodic construction of carbon-heteroatom bond

23.03.  Erik Strandberg
              CD signals of Gly residues

              Laura Roth (Bachelor student)
              Effect of helix-breaking proline residues on the structure and
              function of α-helical antimicrobial [KIAGKIA]n peptides


Summer term 2020


22.04. Fabian Hoffmann (Vertiefer student)
           Patch-clamp investigation of the activity of ASIC1 ion channels reconstituted into liposomes

27.04. Alexander Nesterov-Müller (IMT)
           AI-based screening for target protein binders

12.05. Lennart Hilpert (ZOO)
Information processing and 3D organization in the cell nucleus

19.05. Prof. Dr. Andrea Robitzki (Head of Division I)
           The visit at IBG of Prof. Robitzki has been postponed

26.05. Parvesh Wadhwani

02.06. Sergii Afonin
Current views on the cell death process

08.06. Hans Wochian
           HHO – Energieversorgung und Krankheitsbekämpfung aus einer Quelle
           Note: seminar on Monday at 14:00

09.06. Prof. Dr. Andrea Robitzki (Head of Division I)
           The visit at IOC of Prof. Robitzki has been postponed

30.06. Erik Strandberg
           Membrane orientation of BP100 studied with oriented circular dichroism
           and solid-state NMR

01.07. Stephan Grage
Membrane mediated activity of local anesthetics
           (Note: seminar on Wednesday at 14:00)

07.07. Fabian Schweigardt (PhD defense talk rehearsal)
           [KL]n Peptide – Optimierung von β-Faltblatt-Modellpeptiden zur Generierung neuer
           antimikrobieller Peptide mit therapeutischem Potenzial

21.07. Theodore Lorig (Vertiefer student)
           Synthesis of photoswitchable cell-penetrating peptides


Winter term 2019/2020

04.11.  BIF Seminar
            Anne Ulrich
            Stephan Grage
            Anke Culetto

18.02.  Lars Olsen (University of Southern Denmark, Odense, Denmark)
            Water phase oscillations in yeast

10.03.  Dennis Winkler (Bachelor student)
            Characterization of the H-zipper dimerization motif in BsrG using the BLaTM-assay


Summer term 2019

09.09.  Workshop on biophysics of lipid-protein interaction

            9:30 Anne Ulrich (KIT)

            9:35 Stefan Weinschenk (Univ. Heidelberg)

            10:10 Boris Martinac (Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute, Sydney)

            10:45 Michael Hausmann (Univ. Heidelberg)

            11:20 --break--

            11:30 Stephan Grage (KIT)

            12:05 Anke Culetto (KIT)

            12:40 --end--

09.07.  Dilara Faderl (Vertiefungs-Studentin)

25.06.  Anke Culetto (prize talk rehearsal)
            Untersuchung der Steuerung von mechanosensitiven Kanälen durch Lokalanästhetika
            unter Anwendung der Patch-Clamp Technik

            Monika Grigorova (Bachelor student)
            Membrane interactions of oligorarginines

            (seminar room of IBG-2, Campus North)

18.06.  Cai Jing (Master student)
            Molecular mechanism of synergy between the antimicrobial peptides
            PGLa and magainin 2

04.06.  Alexander Staub (PhD student)
            The exclusion zone – a novel approach in water research

14.05.  Rui Kang (PhD student of Frank Biedermann, INT, KIT)
            Luminescent Pt(Ⅱ) complexes for analyte-induced-aggregation
            sensing of bioactive thiols


Winter term 2018/2019

19.03.  Zhao Yandan (Master student)
            Structural study of photoswitchable stapled helical peptides

05.02.  Anke Culetto (Vertiefer-Studentin)
            Research on the control of mechanosensitive channels by local anaesthetics
            using the patch clamp technique

18.12.  Roser Segovia (visiting student, Barcelona)
            Length dependent activity of amphipathic α-helical antimicrobial peptides
            based on the sequence of BP100

            Julian Ingelfinger (Master-Praktikum Biologie)
            Comparative activity of membrane-active peptides in zebrafish embryotoxicity model

11.12.  Julia Koch (Master student)
            Investigation of the membrane orientation of the transmembrane helices of the pinholin S2168

            Marin Kempfer (Master student)
            Role of the pinholin S<200b>2168 transmembrane helix 2 in the hole formation

04.12.  Cai Jing (Vertiefer-Studentin)
            Molecular mechanism of synergy between the antimicrobial peptides PGLa and magainin 2

            Fabienne Gehrke (Master-Praktikum Biologie)
            Aufreinigung und Strukturuntersuchung des Pinholin S2168 TMH 2 Fragments

            Maximilian Klein (Master-Praktikum Biologie)

13.11.  Anne Görner (Vertiefer-Studentin)
            Einfluss aromatischer Aminosäuren auf die Membranorientierung der TMH von TatA
            (Campus North)

06.11.  Jana Wittmer (Master-Praktikum Biologie)
            Length dependent activity of amphipathic β-sheet forming peptides based on the sequence (Lys-Leu)n

            Jacqueline Stier (Master-Praktikum Biologie)
            Untersuchung des postulierten H-Zippers in BsrG mittels BLaTM-Assay

30.10.  Arnold Schmitz (Vertiefer-Student)
            Antimikrobielle Aktivität von Dekapeptiden mit alternierenden polaren und unpolaren Aminosäuren

            Kathrin Flick (Master-Studentin)
            Orientation of membrane active peptides from multinuclear solid-state NMR


Summer term 2018

16.07.  Ulla Gerling-Driessen (Stanford University)
            NGLY1 Deficiency: Huge Potential of a Rare Disease
            (Monday at 15:00)

26.06.  Boris Martinac (Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute, Sydney)
            Are proteins or lipids the targets of anesthetic action of Xenon?

19.06.  Regine Tobias (KIT Bibliothek)
            Zweitveröffentlichung von Volltexten im Repository KITopen

            Marcel Huhn (Bachelor student)
            Photoswitchable derivatives of a trypsin-inhibiting peptide (SFTI-1)

05.06.  Yandan Zhao (Vertiefer student)
            Synthesis of photoswitchable side-chain ‘stapled’ helical peptides

22.05.  Volodymyr Kubyshkin (TU Berlin)
            What can proline tell us about molecular evolution of the extant amino acid repertoire?
            (OC Colloquium, Criegee Lecture Hall, 17:30)

15.05.  Violetta Schneider (IPC)
            MD simulations of biomolecular systems

23.04.  Beibei Meng (Master student)
            Interaction of squalamine with lipid membranes and peptide self-assembly

            Marin Kempfer (Vertiefer student)
            Optimization of capillary blood collection for telomere length determination
            by terminal restriction fragment analysis


Winter term 2017/2018

06.02.  Alexandra Friesen (Vertiefer student)
            Membrane translocation of SSL-25 analogues

            Patrick Anders (Vertiefer student)
            Synthesis and characterization of specific 15N-labeled analogs of the EGFR transmembrane domain

30.01.  Tim Schober (PhD student)
            (OC colloquium, Criegee lecture hall 17:30)

23.01.  Patrick Horten (Vertiefer student)
            The power of tryptophan – biophysical studies of Trp-containing KIA peptides

16.01.  Celine Bernhardt (Vertiefer student)

24.10.  Volodymyr Kubyshkin (TU Berlin)
            Is it possible to construct a hydrophobic (or a transmembrane) polyproline helix?

            Jan Hischmann (Master student)
            Investigation of the flipping transmembrane helix in the pinholin from the phage 21

17.10.  Lev Korzhenevich (Master student)
            Combinatorial synthesis of photo-controllable peptides

            Christian Diel (Master student)
            Photoswitchable derivatives of a trypsin-inhibiting peptide (SFTI-1)


Summer term 2017

25.07.  Katharina Becker
            Characterizsation of BsrG – a small type I toxin from B. subtilis

18.07.  Oleg Babii
            Hit-to-Lead optimization of the photocontrollable anticancer decapeptide

27.06.  Agnes Csiszar (Jülich)
            Fusogenic liposomes: a new strategy for breaking the cellular membrane barriers

20.06.  Beibei Meng (Vertiefer-Studentin)
            The interaction of squalamine with lipid membranes studied with solid-state 31P- and 2H-NMR

06.06.  Hanna Zhdanova (PhD student)
           Conformationally restricted amino acids for the NMR-analysis of membrane-active peptides

30.05.  Nadja Guschtschin (Diplom-Studentin)
            Inhibition of peptide aggregation and influence on lipid membranes by squalamine

23.05.  Fabian Schweigert (Master Student)
            Self-assembly and membrane damage of amphiphilic β-stranded KL peptides

16.05.  Hanna Widdenlubbert (Master Student)
            Membrane translocation of short peptide fragments from human sweat

25.04.  Philipp Paul (Vertiefer Student)
            Role of tryptophan residues on structure and membrane alignment of the bacterial toxin TisB

            Daniel Tarras (Vertiefer Student)
            Synthese von caged-Mutanten des antimikrobiellen Peptids KIGAKI


Winter term 2016/2017

07.02.  Jennifer Dommermuth (Master student)
            Derivatives of sunflower Trypsin Inhibitor 1

            Christian Diel (Vertiefer-Student)
            Synthesis of a fluorine-labeled dipeptide isoster

            Tim Schober (Master student)
            Cyclic cell-penetrating peptides with photoswitchable conformation

31.01.  Jan Hischmann (Vertiefer-Student)
            Rekombinante Darstellung und 15N-Markierung des Pinholins der Phage 21

            Lena Steger
            Conference report (1st Zing Conference on Protein Sectretion in Bacteria)
            Impact of Ben Berk's recent results on our postulated Tat dependent translocation mechanism

24.01.  Ayyalasamy Ramamoorthy (University of Michigan, Ann Arbour, USA)
            Probing dynamic membrane-associated protein-protein interactions

17.01.  Luisa De Cola (Strasbourg)
            Dynamic, responsive materials for biomedical applications

            Marina Berditsch
            Fluorescence microscopy of S. aureus DSM 1104 treated with CF-labeled antimicrobial peptides

10.01.  Annika Kohlmeyer (Vertiefer-Student)
            Wechselwirkung von Squalamin mit Lipidmembranen und Membran-aktiven Peptiden

            Sebastian Otteni (Vertiefer-Student)
            Herstellung von Mutanten von PDGFRα für Interaktionsstudien mit E5

            (Campus North)

12.12.  Jakob Ulmschneider (Shanghai)
            How membrane active peptides partition into bilayers
            and spontaneously assemble into functional membrane proteins
            (Campus South, at 16:00)

15.11.  Haroldo (University of São Paulo, Brazil)
            Biophysical characterization of KLx β-sheet model peptides
            (Campus North, at 15:00)

08.11.  Nicole Jung (KIT, IOC)
            The Compound Platform


Summer term 2016

05.07.  Alexander Nestorov-Müller (KIT, IMT)
            Roboter für die kombinatorische Synthese im Arrayformat

21.06.  Jennifer Dommermuth (Vertiefer student)
            Herstellung und Charakterisierung von Gramicidin S Hydrogelen,
            sowie Fermentation von Gramicidin S

            Xiaojun Xu (PhD talk rehearsal)
            Protein-protein interactions in oligomers studied by solid-state NMR in biomembranes

07.06.  Bernard Costello (Applied Photophysics)
            Pushing the boundaries of research: exploring the capabilities and
            evolution of quantitative circular dichroism with Applied Photophysics
            (seminar at IBG2, Campus North)

31.05.  Ferdinand le Noble (KIT)
            Neurovascular crosstalk

            Laetitia Preau and Alina Klems (KIT)
            Fishing for small open reading frame (sORF) encoded micro peptide functions
            in the neuronal system

24.05.  Carolin Pyka (Master thesis presentation)
            Investigation of the oligomeric state of the bacterial toxin BsrG
            (seminar at IBG2, Campus North)

10.05.  Aastha Jain
            Cell penetrating peptides:
            Mechanism of uptake and applications in human theragnostics
            (seminar at IBG2, Campus North)

26.04.  Marina Berditsch (Conference talk rehearsal)
            Gramicidin S might be a panacea to combat infected wounds
            (Talk at the 26th conference of European Wound Management Association, EWMA 2016)

            Gudrun Thoulass (Bachelor thesis presentation)
            Untersuchung der Wechselwirkung zwischen dem
            Membranprotein TatA und dem Tat-abhängigen Signalpeptid


Winter term 2015/2016

15.03.  Themis Lazaridis (City College of New York)
            Modeling protein-membrane interactions and pore formation
            (note: seminar starts at 11:00)

01.03.  Janina Tolks (Master thesis presentation)
            Investigation of the role of glutamine in the stucture and function of the
            membrane-active peptide TisB

16.02.  Igor Komarov (Kyiv)
            Natural proteins endued with ’unnatural’ structure and functions

            Volodymyr Lysenko (INSA Lyon)
            IVth group nanomaterials for theranostic applications

09.02.  Erik Strandberg (conference talk rehearsal)
            Mismatch dependent tilt of amphipathic α-helical antimicrobial peptides
            inserted into positive spontaneous curvature lipid membranes

12.01.  Sergii Afonin
            Conference report:
            7th International Peptide Symposium (Singapore)

            Marina Berditsch
            Conference report:
            Microbiology conference

15.12.  Stephan Grage
            Conference reports:
            56th Experimental NMR Conference 2015 (Asilomar, CA) and
            3rd International Conference on Circular Proteins (Moreton Island, Australia)

            Erik Strandberg
            Conference reports:
            12th German Peptide Symposium (Darmstadt) and
            10th European Biophysics Congress (Dresden)

08.12.  Zekun Zhou (Vertiefer project presentation)
            "Optimierung eines in-vitro Tat-abhängigen Translokationsassays basierend auf TatAdCd aus B. subtilis"

10.11.  Hanna Wiedenlübbert (Vertiefer project presentation)
            "Untersuchung der Stabilität antimikrobieller Peptide in der Magensäure und im Blutserum"

03.11.  Katharina Becker
            "BsrG - the newcomer to our group"

27.10.  Hector Zamora Carreras (Madrid)
            "Understanding the chameleonic behaviour of peptides derived from the"
            choline-binding domain of pneumococcal autolysin LytA”

            Stephan Grage
            "The interaction of cyclic peptides with membranes:"
            playing with molecular rigidity to explore and modulate structure and function"


Summer term 2015

30.06.  Papia Sanyal (PhD defense rehearsal)
            "Die Wirkung membranaktiver Peptide auf Biofilminduzierung und Biofilmeliminierung"

16.06.  Anika Hespelt (Diploma project presentation)
            "Darstellung und Charakterisierung des bakteriellen Toxins BsrG"

            Colin Ziegler (PhD defense rehearsal)
            "Wechselwirkung der Transmembrandomäne des PDGF-Rezeptors β mit dem Onkoprotein E5"

02.06.  Janina Tolks (Vertiefer project presentation)
            "Synthesis of fluorophore modified E5 and PDGFβ receptor peptides for the structure
            determination via FRET"

01.06.  BIFTM seminar at 9:15 in Mittlerer Hörsaal, FTU, Campus North:

            Anne Ulrich
            "Structure-function analysis of membrane proteins"

            Colin Ziegler
            "Activation of the PDGF-receptor by the E5-oncoprotein via transmembrane helix-helix interactions"

            Eva Stockwald
            "Structure and functional mechanism of the twin-arginine translocase"

26.05.  Benjamin Zimpfer (PhD defense rehearsal)
            "Struktur– und Funktionsanalyse des membranaktiven bakterientoxischen Peptids TisB aus Escherichia coli"

12.05.  Marie Meyer (Vertiefer project presentation)
            "Synthesis of ß-monofluoroalkenes that can be used as peptide analogues
            for solid-state 19F-NMR experiments"

            Dmytro Radchenko (Karlsruhe/Kyiv)
            "Cyclobutane based amino acids as 19F-NMR labels for structural studies in peptides"

05.05.  Carolin Pyka (Vertiefer project presentation)
            "Application of cyclic cystein-knot frameworks in drug design -
            cytoplasmic transduction properties of the MCoTI-II scaffold"

            Samantha Wörner (Vertiefer project presentation)
            "Spectroscopic studies of the ion channel p7 from the hepatitis C virus (HCV)"

            Linda Antusch (Vertiefer project presentation)
            "Contribution to evaluate the role of hydroxyproline on the structure of PeIVA"

14.04.  Dirk Windisch, Stephan Grage, Xiaojun Xu, Katharina Becker (Karlsruhe)
            "Recent progress on E5 and PDGFR"


Winter term 2014/2015

08.01.  David Poger (Brisbane)
            “All lipids were not created equal -
            An insight into bacterial membranes and antimicrobial peptides”

11.12.  Pierre-Alexandre Paquet-Côté (Quebec)
            “Study of membrane perturbing peptides
            incorporating crown ethers by oriented circular dichroism”

            Christian Schwechheimer (Vertiefer project presentation)
            “Synthesis of photoswitchable, CD44v6-specific peptides
            for controlled inhibition of Met-activation”

09.12.  Julia Misiewicz (PhD defense talk practice)
            “Biophysikalische Untersuchungen an antimikrobiellen Peptiden:
            Von der Modellmembran zur natürlichen Umgebung”

            Oleg Babii (PhD defense talk practice)
            “Photoswitchable peptidomimetics with diarylethene building blocks”

20.11.  Sabine Reißer (PhD defense talk practice)
            "Computational studies of membrane-active antimicrobial peptides and comparison with
            NMR data”

            Jonathan Zerweck (PhD defense talk practice)
            “Untersuchung der synergistischen Interaktion der antimikrobielen Peptide PGLa und
            Magainin 2”

23.10.  Malte Drescher (Konstanz)
            “Hunting for chameleons - structure and dynamics of polymorphic bio-macromolecules by
             EPR spectroscopy”

09.10.  Angel Cereceda (Bachelor project presentation)
            “Peptidinduziertes Biofilmwachstum und die Rolle der extrazellulären DNA”


Summer term 2014

11.09. Jan Hischmann (Bachelor project presentation)
“Expression und Fluoreszenzmarkierung des Membranproteins TatC der Tat-abhängigen Translokase für einen in vitro Translokationsassay”

Doreen Adam (Bachelor project presentation)
“Optimierung der Darstellung des Tat-abhängigen Substrats SP-GFPuv für einen in vitro Translokationsassay”

10.09. Prof. Katsumi Matsuzaki (Visitor from Kyoto)
“Coiled-coil labeling method: A useful tool for membrane protein imaging”

Prof. Shiroh Futaki (Visitor from Kyoto)
“Membrane translocation of arginine-rich cell-penetrating peptides and the effect of membrane curvature”

14.08 Anna Schleicher (Bachelor project presentation)
“Untersuchung des Assemblierungsverhalten von TisB durch FRET-Experimente”

Olga Kukharenko (Vertiefer project presentation)
“Fluoreszenzspektroskopische Untersuchungen des synergistischen Verhaltens von Peptiden der
Magainin-Familie im E. coli Lipidsystem”

29.07 Jean-Daniel Savoie (Quebec)
“Design, synthesis and characterization of membrane-active peptide nanostructures”

Elisabeth Vatareck (Bachelor project presentation)
“Optimierung der Herstellung des Transmembransegments des T-Zell-Rezeptors α für Strukturuntersuchungen”

24.06 Patrick Mayer (Bachelor project presentation)
“Analysis of the orientation of fluor-labeled amino acid side chains at various positions
inside peptides via molecular dynamics simulations”

17.06 Frances Separovic (Melbourne)
“Structural effects of antimicrobial peptides on supported lipid bilayers”

Marco Sani (Melbourne)
“Structure-activity relationship against bacterial membranes of a frog antimicrobial peptide”

Johanna Münkemer (FMP, Berlin)
“'Polydisperse alpha B-crystallin - About termini and finding the right groove”

20.05 Thilo Mast (Vertiefer student)
“Synthese und 15N-NMR-Strukturanalyse der Transmembranregiondes PDGFβ-Rezeptors”

Violetta Schneider (Vertiefer student)
“Synthese, Aufreinigung & Strukturanalyse von 15N-Analoga des Onkoproteins E5”

13.05 Marie-Claude Gagnon (Quebec)
“Fluorinated NMR probes for the study of membrane topology:
Monofluorinated phosphoglycerolipid membranes”

Julia Misiewicz
“Gramicidin S nano-granules”

06.05 Elena Löhr (Diploma student)
“Funktionsanalyse des Tat-abhängigen Proteintransports”

Lena Steger (Master student)
“Recombinant production of components of the Tat-dependent translocase for structural
and functional investigations”

29.04  Sabine Reißer (Australian project presentation)
“Australia report: Simulation of gramicidin S pores”

22.04 Conference report
Oleg Babii, Jonathan Zerweck, Benjamin Zimpfer
(Biophysical Society 58th Annual Meeting, San Francisco, USA, February 2014)

15.04  Xiaojun Xu
“'Distance measurements in SS NMR using REDOR”

08.04  Security information IBG-2

01.04 Christina Gottselig (Ph D Defence talk practice)
“Struktur- und Funktionsuntersuchungen der Tat-abhängigen Translokase
aus Bacillus subtilis” 


Winter term 2013/2014

04.03 Shakeel Ahmad Shahid (Berlin)
“Solid-state NMR structure of a membrane proteins: Towards solving the mystery of
autotransport in pathogenic bacteria”

25.02* Rebecca Rothenberg (Vertieferstudent)
“Inhibition of peptide aggregation during SPPS”

Sezgin Kara
“Peptaibols as membrane-active antibiotics: structure-function analysis of
harzianin HK VI and alamethicin”

18.02 Sebastian Bechara (Vertieferstudent)
“Rekombinante Expression des Transmembransegments de T-Zell Receptors alpha”

Papia Sanyal
“Promotion, inhibition and killing of biofilms, the triathlon of AMPs”

11.02 Benjamin Zimpfer
“Structural and functional studies on TisB”

21.01 Oleg Babii (Conferenced talk practice)
“Switching the antimicrobial activity of gramicidin S by light”

07.01.2014 Megha Agrawal
" Structural analysis of mycobacterial Mammalian cell Entry proteins in membrane "

 01.04 Christina Gottselig (Ph D Defence talk practice)
“Struktur- und Funktionsuntersuchungen der Tat-abhängigen Translokase
aus Bacillus subtilis”

17.12 Conference report:
Marco Klein

(10th Australian Peptide Conference, Penang, Malaysia, September 2013)

Ariadna Grau-Campistany
“Length dependent activity of KIAGKIA peptides”

10.12 Minisymposium on dermcidin

         10:30 Introduction

         10:35 Birgit Schittek (Tübingen)
“Dermcidin – an update on expression and functional activities”

         11:05 Claudia Steinem (Göttingen)
“Antimicrobial peptides: Dermcidin and assay development”

         11:35 Sebastian Prock (KIT)
“Large-scale recombinant expression and purification of human dermcidin”

         11:50 Philipp Mühlhäuser (KIT)
“Structural and functional studies on dermcidin-derived peptides”

         12:20 Ningning Gao (KIT)
”Dermcidin introduced into tobacco BY-2 cells”

05.12 Lars Wegner (KIT) Note: 9.15 in room 413, building 421, CN
“Die Wirkung gepulster, elektrischer Felder auf DC3-F Zellen:
Membranleitfähigkeit während und nach der Elektroimpulsbehandlung”

26.11 Conference report:
Marco Klein
(10th Australian Peptide Conference, Penang, Malaysia, September 2013)

Sebastian Prock (Ph D defense talk practice)
“Elektrostatische Charge Zipper in membranständigen Proteinen”

19.11    Normand Voyer (Quebec)
16.45 PROTEO network presentation, in Biochemistry seminar room

17.30 in Criegee-Hörsaal; IOC colloquium,
“Development of peptide nanostructures for sensing and therapeutic applications”

12.11    Marina Berditsch
“Assessment of bacterial respiration to study AMPs activity”

05.11   Conference report: Sergii Afonin
European Biophysics Congress, EBSA2013, Lisbon, Portugal, July 2013

22.10 Conference report: Stephan Grage
(ENC, Asilomar, USA, April 2013)


Summer term 2013

27.08   Eva-Maria Weiss
            “Gewinnung der Gramicidin S-Granula”

23.07   Stephan Nussberger  (Stuttgart)
            “New aspects of BAX activation in apoptosis”

06.06   John Robinson (Zürich)
           “Protein epitope mimetics in drug and vaccine design”

28.05   Jonathan Zerweck
             Conference Report (11th German Peptide Symposium, München, March 2013)

21.05   Erik Strandberg
             Conference Report (Biophysical Society 57th Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, USA, February 2013)

14.05   Günter Haufe (Münster) (Note: At OC-Kolloquium 17:30 in Criegee-Hörsaal)
            “Selektive Fluorierungen als Schlüssel zur Synthese fluorierter biorelevante Verbindungen”

30.04   Ariadna Grau-Campistany (Barcelona)
            “New designed antimicrobial Polymyxin B analogs has a broader spectrum of activity
             and are effective against resistant bacteria”

23.04    Sabine Reisser
             “Hydrophobic moments - analysing the surface polarity of amphiphilic peptides”

16.04    Andrea Rinaldi (Cagliari)
             “Finding the unexpected: immunomodulatory peptides from amphibian skin”


Winter term 2012/2013

09.04      Julia Misiewicz; Conference Report
                Antimicrobial Peptide Gordon Research Conference, Ventura, CA, USA, February-March 2013

04.04      Xiaojun Xu (Master work presentation) Note: Thursday, 10.00, uni
               Evaluation of the dimerization of the antimicrobial peptide PGLa using solid-state 19F-NMR

26.03      Matthias Müller (Freiburg)

25.03      Sicherheitsbelehrung IBG-2

12.03      Benjamin Zimpfer
               "Structural and functional studies of the biofilm inducing peptide TisB”

12.02      Anne Ulrich
               “Twin-arginine translocation: TatC acting as a proton-driven flippase on TatA"

05.02      Oleg Babii             
               “Photocontrol of biological activity of peptidomimetics based on Gramicidin S”

12.12      Sezgin Kara
               "Investigations on phytanoyl lipids and their interaction with the antimicrobial peptide PGLa".

27.11     Vladimir (Ph D defense talk practice)
              “Fluoro-substituted prolines as structural labels for solid state 19F-NMR of polypeptides”

20.11      Philipp Mühlhäuser (Master work presentation)

13.11      Sarah Flade (Vertiefer student)

               Nadja Guschtschin (Vertiefer student)
               “Expression und Aufreinigung von TatA-Cystein-Mutanten und Etablierung eines
                Labellingprotokolls für ESR-Messungen”

30.10      Conference reports:
               Sebastian Prock and Dirk Windisch
               Biophysical Society 56th Annual Meeting, San Diego, California, USA, February 2012

23.10      Andrea Rütschle (ZIEL, TU München)
               “Cereulide export in B. cereus”


16.10       Conference reports:
                Stephan Grage

                Euromar, European Magnetic Resonance Conference,Dublin, Ireland,July, 2012)

                Erik Strandberg
                25th International Conference on Magnetic Resonance in Biological Systems, Lyon, 
                France, August 2012

25.9.        Johannes Reichert
                "Characterization of peptide induced membrane damage by different fluorimetric

18.9.        Elena Löhr (Vertiefer student)
                "Das Verhalten des Peptids [KIGAKI]3 in Erythrozyten-Membranen"

                Stephan Grage

 11.09      Frauke Assmus (Basel)    Note: University, 11.00
                “Lipid membrane binding assay – A new HT assay to determine the non-specific
                 binding of potential PET tracers”


Summer term 2012

31.07     Patrick Schuster (Bachelor student)
              “Untersuchungen zur Beweglichkeit des antimikrobiellen Peptids PGLa in Membranen
              mittels 2H-NMR Relaxationsmessungen”

              Tamta Turdzeladze “Information about teaching WS 2012/2013”

24.07     Kristina Schkolin (Bachelor student)
              “The effect of the antibacterial peptide gramicidin S on clinical
              methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus”

              Tamara Holl (Bachelor student) 
  “The effect of antibacterial peptide gramicidin S on biofilm forming oral bacteria”

17.07     Sandra Unsleber (Tübingen)

              "Characterisation of a thermoactive etherase from Picrophilus torridus"


10.07     Anika Hespelt (Vertieferin)

              “Gezielte Mutationen im Dimer-Interface von E5”


03.07     Sandro Keller (Kaiserslautern)

               “Reconstitution and folding of membrane proteins: case studies on KcsA and Mistic”

12.06   Mareike Hartmann (Ph D defense practice)

               “Mikrobiologische Untersuchungen an der Gramicidin S Synthetase in A. migulanus und

               der Tat-Translokase in B. subtilis

               Nico Heidenreich (Ph D defense practice)

               “Struktur- und Funktionsuntersuchung des antimikrobiellen Peptids Temporin A und

               Funktionalisierung von Gold-Nanopartikeln mit α-helikalen antimikrobiellen Peptiden”


05.06     Xu Xiaojun (Vertieferin)

               “Untersuchung von Gefrierschutzmitteln für zukünftige NMR-Messungen der PGLa

               Dimer-Formation in gefrorenen Membranen”


               Olga Nolandt



Winter term 2011/2012

10.04   Marina Nagler (Master student)

            “Structure-activity relationship of temporins”

            Jonas van den Berg (Master student)

             “Ornithine-modifications in cationic antimicrobial peptides”


03.04   Sabine Reisser

            “Introduction to MD simulations of antimicrobial peptides in membranes with NMR"


27.03* Katharina Becker (Vertieferin)

            “Expression von 13C- und 15N-markiertem E5_1-34 und PDGFR-ß und erste


             Followed by Institutsversammlung 10.30


20.03   Marco Klein (Ph D defense practice)

             "Membraninteraktionen der Tat-abhängigen Translokase aus B. subtilis”


14.02   Benjamin Zimpfer (diploma work presentation)

             "Strukturuntersuchungen am TisB mittels Zirkulardichroismus- und 19F-Festkörper-NMR-



07.02   Eva Stockwald (diploma work presentation)

             “Untersuchung der Homooligomerisierung des Membranproteins Tat Ad aus B. Subtilis“


31.01   Erik Strandberg

              ”A new definition of rho in the group of Anne Ulrich”


17.01   Conference reports:

               Stephan Grage

               "European Biophysics Congress, Budapest, Hungary, August 2011"

               Vladimir Kubyshki

               "Structure, function, folding and assembly of membrane proteins - Insight from

               Biophysics, Tata, Hungary, August 201"


13.12  Clemens Heske (KIT, ISS)

                “How soft x-rays can help to understand the electronic structure of molecules, liquids,

                and solutions”


06.12   Nico Heidenreich

                “Antimicrobial peptides coupled to gold nanoparticles retain biological activity and

                show enhanced trypsin stability”


29.11   Conference reports

                Sergii Afonin

                "4th BioNanoSpec, Cluj-Napoca, Roumania, September 2011"


                "17th International Biophysics Congress (IUPAB) & 12th National Biophysics

                Congress, Beijing, China, October-November 2011"


22.11   Tamta Turdzeladze

                “Facebook for Scientists”


              Information and discussion about “3D-cave”


08.11   Conference reports:

            Jochen Bürck

                (CD2011, 13th International Conference on Chiroptical Spectroscopy (formerly 

                known as the International Conference on Circular Dichroism), Oxford, UK, July 2011)

            Nico Heidenreich

                (Environmental Nanotechnology Conference, Waterville Valley, NH, USA, May - June,



                2nd German French Workshop on NanoScience, Landau, August - September 2011)


25.10   Conference reports:

            Erik Strandberg

                (Euromar, European Magnetic Resonance Conference, Frankfurt am Main,

                August 2011)

            Dirk Windisch

                (HGF-symposium Structural Biology, Hamburg, September 2011)


18.10   Raffaele Ciriello (Vertieferstudent)

                “19F-NMR Structural Analysis Of Antimicrobial Peptide BP100 In Oriented Lipid Bilayers”


            Jonas van den Berg (Vertieferstudent)

                “Strukturanalyse von BP100 und seiner CF3-Bpg Analoga mittels CD- und OCD-



            Lab safety and security information

                (Sicherheitsbelehrungen für das Chemie- und Genlabor)

                - Tamta Turdzeladze: allgemeine Laborsicherheit

                - Dirk Windisch: Genlabor S1

                - Marina Berditsch: Genlabor R2


08.09   Boris Martinac (Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute, Sydney)

            Note: Thursday, 13:00, at university

                “In search of novel antibiotics by targeting bacterial mechanosensitive channels


06.09  Marina Nagler (Vertiefer student)

                “Optimierung des antimikrobiellen Peptids Temporin SHf


            Ratan Kumar Rai ( Lucknow, India)

                “Measurement of 15N-13C heteronuclear dipolar couplings for high resolution solid state

                NMR spectroscopy of aligned proteins”



Summer term 2011

19.08   Manuel Etzkorn (Harvard) Note: Friday 14.00 at university

                “NMR strategies to study (membrane-) protein folding and function”


16.08   Stephan Grage (Conference talk practice)

                “Crowding of membrane proteins and peptides”


            Thomas Jäger (Bachelor work presentation)

                “Einfluss der Peptidantibiotika Gramicidin S und Polymyxin B auf die verschiedenen

                Arten des bakteriellen Wachstums” or

                “The effect of the antimicrobial peptides gramicidin S and polymyxin B on the different

                modes of bacterial growth”


26.07   Cathleen Holze (visiting student)

                “Internalization studies of G-protein coupled receptors of class B”


07.06.   Gustavo Fuertes (EMBL, Heidelberg)
              "Baxα5 in lipid membranes: structure, assembly and pore formation"


31.05   Gregor Meyers and Daniel Aberle (Tübingen)
              The Mistery of the Pestivirus Erns Protein.

              Part 1: Virology and cell biology (Gregor Meyers)

              Part 2: Protein Biochemisty (Daniel Aberle)”


24.05   Marcel Zeitler (Diploma work presentation) 
             “Untersuchung der Orientierung von E5 und der Transmembrandomäne

             des PDGF Rezeptors β mittels Festkörper-NMR"


10.05   Prof. Roland Brock (Universität Nijmegen)
            “The biochemistry and cell biology of arginine-rich cell penetrating peptides”


03.05   Urmas Roostalu (ITG)
            “Molecular toolbox for muscle cell repair”


Winter term 2010/2011

29.03   Susanne Fanghänel (Ph D defense talk practice)

                “Title to be announced”


22.03   Sezgin Kara (Vertieferpraktikant)

                “Synthese von 19F-markierten Prolinen für strukturelle Untersuchungen

                mittels Festkörper-NMR-Spektroskopie”


15.03   Conference reports

                Parvesh Wadhwani

                6th German Peptide Symposium, Berlin, March 2011

                Erik Strandberg

                Biophysical Society 55th Annual Meeting, Baltimore, USA, March 2011


01.03  Julia Misiewicz

                “pH-dependence of the behavior of PGLa in lipid membranes”

15.02   Erik Strandberg
“Insertion of amphipathic helices into membranes
                 depends on the spontaneous curvatur of the lipid system”
                (Practice of conference talk at the Biophysical Society
                55th Annual Meeting, Baltimore, Maryland, USA, March 2011)

08.02   Colin Ziegler (Vertieferpraktikant)

                “Untersuchung homophiler Protein-Protein-Interaktionen von E5 und PDGFR mittels



            Conference reports

                Vladimir Kobyshkin

                (20th ACS Winter Fluorine Conference, St Pete Beach, Florida, USA, January 2011)

                Stephan Grage

                (Bilayers at ILL 2011, Grenoble, France, January 2011)


01.02   Dirk Windisch and Sebastian Prock


            Conference report

            Sergii Afonin

                (5th International Peptide Symposium in conjunction with the 47th Japanese Peptide

                Symposium, Kyoto, Japan, December 2010)

18.01   Silke Hoffmann (Ph D defense talk practice)

            Torsten Walther (Young Investigator Group grant talk practice)

                “Strukturaufklärung der Proteintranslokase Tat”

 14.12   Sebastian Prock
                “Charge zipping the three kingdoms of life - the programme ‘SEQUENZ’
                 as a tool to identify mirror motifs in proteins”

             Vladimir Kubyshkin (Conference talk practice)


 07.12 Ronald Lochte

                “Structure and dynamics of PGLa determined by solid state NMR”

30.11   Papia Sanyal (Vertiefungspraktikantin)

                “Strukturanalyse des zellpenetrierenden Peptids Transportan-10 mittels

                 (orientierter-) Zirkulardichroismus- und 19F-Festkörper-NMR-Spektroskopie”


23.11   Nico Heidenreich

                “Structure analysis of the short cationic antimicrobial peptide Temporin A

                 using solid state 19F-NMR spectroscopy”

16.11   Parvesh Wadhwani
                “19F-NMR structure analysis of antimicrobial peptide (KIGAKI)3”

26.10   Jan Roll
               “Interaction of CPPs and AMPs with lipid membranes investigated
                 by fluorescence spectroscopy

19.10   Johannes Reichert
                “Synergy of PGLa and magainin 2 studied with lipid vesicles”

12.10   Conference report

            Marco Jan Klein, Stephan Grage, Erik Strandberg
                (25th Int. Conf. on Magnetic Resonance in Biological Systems,
                August 2010)

            Tamta Turdzeladze
                “Information about teaching WS 2010/2011”


Summer term 2010

09.09   Boris Martinac (Sydney, Australia) Note: at university Thursday 16.00!
                “Structure and function of bacterial mechanosensitive channels”

24.08 Petri Kursula (Hamburg) Note: At IBG-2, 10.00
                “Structural studies on membrane-associated proteins of the myelin sheath”

17.08   Ana Garcia
                “Regulation of apoptosis by Bcl-2 proteins. A single molecule approach”

03.08   K. V. Ramanathan (Bangalore)
                “A tale of two techniques: cross-polarisation and magic angle spinning applied to oriented partially ordered systems”

27.07   Conference reports
                Sergii Afonin, Claudia Muhle
                (World Wide Magnetic Resonance 2010 (joint EUROMAR 2010 and 17th ISMAR Conference, Florence, July 2010)

20.07   Eva Stockwald (Vertieferstudentin)
                “Klonierung und Aufreinigung verschiedener CPP-Cre-Fusionsproteine”

05./06.7.  Vortragsveranstaltung
                im Rahmen des Berufungsverfahrens zur Besetzung der W3 Professur “Chemische Biologie“

15.06   Silke Hoffmann
                “New insights into the structure of the transmembrane domain of the PDGFß-receptor”

             Katja Koch prel (Ph D defence talk)
                “Strukturuntersuchungen antimikrobieller Peptide an biologischen und artifiziellen Membranen”

25.05   Gustavo Fuertes (Valencia)
                “Baxa5 at lipid membranes: Structure, assembly and pore formation”

            Katrin Liffers (Vertiefungspraktikantin)
                “Title to be announced”

18.05   Ronald Lochte
                “NMR relaxation measurements on PGLa”

11.05   Olga Nolandt
                “Introduction to atomic force microscopy (AFM) on lipid bilayers and membrane proteins”

03.05   Gottfried Otting (Australian National University, Canberra)
                “Lanthanide labeling for structural biology by NMR spectroscopy”

04.05   V. Anbazhagan (Univ Mainz)
                “Following transmembrane helix-helix interactions”

20.04   Mareike Hartmann
                “Damage of the bacterial cell-envelope by the antimicrobial peptides Gramicidin S and PGLa as revealed by TEM and SEM”


Winter term 2009/2010

15.09   Video seminar:
                “Cane Toads” movie (45 minutes)

29.09   NMR hardware discussion

06.10  Conference reports
                Erik Strandberg

                (Euromar (European Magnetic Resonance Conference), Gothenburg, Sweden, July 2009)

                Stephan Grage
(Gordon Research Conference on Cellular Osmoregulation & Mechanotransduction,
                Biddeford, Maine, USA, July 2009)

                Igor Jakovkin
6th Alpine Conference on Solid-State NMR, Chamonix, France, September 2009)

20.10   Conference reports
                Jochen Bürck

                (CD 2009 – 12th International Conference on Circular Dichroism & ISBC – 5th
                Interdisciplinary Symposium on Biological Chirality, Brescia, Italy, August-September 2009)

                Silke Hoffmann, Claudia Muhle, and Dirk Windisch
                (Signal Transduction and Disease, Aachen, September 2009)

27.10   Viktoria Tröster (Vertieferpraktikantin)
            Joachim Wollner (Vertieferpraktikant)

10.11   Tamta Turdzeladze
                “Investigations of the membrane proteins MscL and TCR”

17.11   Conference reports 
                Vladimir Kubyshkin

                (11th International Congress on Amino Acids, Peptides and Proteins, Vienna, Austria,
                August 2009)

                Parvesh Wadhwani
                (5th Peptide Engineering Meeting, Barcelona, Spain, October 2009)

01.12* Evgeniy Dubrovin (Moscow State Univ)
              “Applications of atomic force microscopy in biology and biochemistry”

08.12   Christian Mink (PhD defense practice)

15.12   Jochen Bürck