Group seminars of the Ulrich group

Our weekly group seminar takes place on Tuesday at 10:00 in the seminar room of the group at Campus South in the Institute of Organic Chemistry on the 5th floor, or at Campus North in the Institute of Biological Interfaces IBG-2.

All seminars are in the real world, unless stated otherwise.


18.10.   Lakshmi Punampalam (PhD defense rehearsal)
               Examination of molecular hydrogen (H2) treatment and electromagnetic field (EMF)
               radiation effects on the growth of animals (zebrafish embryos) and plants (Chlorella vulgaris)

25.10.  Patrick Metz (Vertiefer Student)
              Untersuchung von [KL]7 Peptiden mithilfe des Förster-Resonanzenergietransfereffekts
              und Circulardichroismus

08.11.  Deepak Kumar (PhD student, IPC)
              Computational studies of transmembrane proteins

22.11.  Julia Fix (Master student)
              Improvement of the recombinant expression of pinholin in E. coli

29.11.  Alexander Staub (PhD defense rehearsal)
              Festkörper-NMR-Analytik an biologischen Membranen