Group seminars of the Ulrich group

Our weekly group seminar takes place on Tuesday at 10:00 in the seminar room of the group at Campus South in the Institute of Organic Chemistry on the 5th floor, or at Campus North in the Institute of Biological Interfaces IBG-2.

All seminars are hybrid (on-site and online), unless stated otherwise.


05.04.  Julia Mildner (Bachelor-Studentin)
               Synergie zwischen dem antimikrobiellen Peptid PGLa und Magainin 2 Mutanten

12.04.  Patrick Anders (PhD defense rehearsal)
              Einfluss variierender Aminosäuremuster auf die membranolytische Aktivität
              des α-helikalen MSI-103

03.05.  Michel Gramberg (Vertiefer-Student)
              Comparison of the use of the polymers dextran and ficoll in leakage assays for
              antimicrobial peptide pore size investigation

07.06.  Dennis Winkler (PhD student)
              You shall not flip!  - a strategy for the biosynthetic production of the
              lethal phage protein pinholin S2168

14.06.  Rui Kang (INT, KIT) (online only)
              Pt(II) complexes-based assays for small biomolecules detections in aqueous media

27.06.  Amrutha Prabodh (INT, KIT) (online only)
              Supramolecular optical chemosensors and assays for sensing of
              bioactive analytes in water and biofluids

28.06.  Andrii Hebronkin (IOC, KIT) (online only, at 5pm)
              Photoswitchable Gymnopeptide A

05.07.  Marcel Huhn (online only)
              Membrane-mediated activity of local anesthetics: a biophysical view