Group seminars of the Ulrich group

Our weekly group seminar takes place on Tuesday at 10:00 in the seminar room of the group at Campus South in the Institute of Organic Chemistry on the 5th floor, or at Campus North in the Institute of Biological Interfaces IBG-2.

Due to the current contact restrictions, all seminars are online seminars until further notice.


26.10.  Kyongok KangTheo Lorig (IBI-4, FZJ, Jülich)
               Characterization of field-induced dynamical states and equilibrium
               phases of charged DNA-viruses: in-situ electric field small angle
               dynamic light scattering and image-time correlation.

09.11.  Yijue Zhu (Vertiefer-Studentin)
Structure analysis of SARS-CoV-2 accessory proteins ORF6 and ORF7b

16.11.  Manuel Etzkorn (IBI-7, FZJ, Jülich)
               NMR and membrane proteins

23.11.  Marcel Utz  (University of Southampton, UK)
               Microfluidic NMR for live systems

30.11.  Alexander Staub (PhD defense talk rehearsal)

07.12.  Marcel Huhn (Master student)
               Functional evaluation of mambalgin-derived ASIC1a inhibitors

11.01   Linxiayu Ji (Bachelor student)
               Liposomal formulation of gramicidin S for in vivo drug delivery